“Never Cared” Boy Pablo

"Never Cared" by Boy Pablo is Northern Transmissions' 'Song of the Day.' The track is now available via 777/Are You Ok? and streaming services
"Never Cared" by Boy Pablo

Born and raised in Norway by Chilean parents, Pablo Muñoz aka Boy Pablo is a 19-year-old songwriter and producer making indie-pop songs for every walk of teenage life. Norwegian bedroom-pop artist turned global indie-pop success is back with a one-off single, “Never Cared” with Jimi Somewhere. The track is the result of a hang-out session at the house of 777 founder and Boy Pablo manager, Fabio Enzo. Boy Pablo’s Soy Pablo and Roy Pablo are both now available via 777 Records / U OK?, and various streaming services.

Boy Pablo on “Never Cared”:

“Last Summer Fabio invited a bunch of friends to come hang out at his house outside of Bergen. There wasn’t any instruments except for my guitar but Fabio found these two toy Casio keyboards that he had since he was a kid so we started playing with those. I locked down the chords quick on the keyboard and started working on the beat with Milo (frequent Jimi Somewhere producer), while Jimi already had the hook melody. Everything fell together very fast and organic. The track was finished by the end of the weekend. We even shot the video with the Also Known crew who do a lot of our tour photography. It’s just one of those moments that came together to make something special”.

Boy Pablo

7.6 Bygdalarm (NO)
7.10 Skraal (NO)
7.14 Dour (BE)
7.19 Vinjerock (NO)
7.21 Melt (DE)
7.22 Ferieklubben (NO)
7.30 Trevare (NO)
8.2 Lollapalooza (US)
8.4 Oshega (US)
8.12 Sziget (HU)
8.15 Paredes do Courta (PT)
8.17 Docklands (DE)
8.18 Lowlands (NL)
8.23 Rakettnatt (NO


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