Mr Sanka streams new track “Midnight Air”

Mr Sanka streams new track "Midnight Air"

Mr Sanka have premiered “Midnight Air”, the thrilling second half of their debut, double-A-sided single for Beat Club / PMR Records. Side one, “Flight Mode”.

Describing “Midnight Air”, which is unveiled today, Mr Sanka write…

“Midnight Air is a song about desperately keeping a flame alive

Under a bright desert moon at night
after it’s run its clearly course
after you’ve run out of fuel
and all that’s left are glower embers

you know all too well the fate that awaits you
but are inclined to keep trying as this fire means that much to you
and you know it will be replaced by a
desperate and cold desert night…

please don’t burn out….”

The first thing you need to know about Mr Sanka is that he’s not French. He’s also not a “he”. Pulling from three diverse life journeys, Mr Sanka flourishes with a cosmopolitan diversity that belies nationality. Dutch singer and visual artist Nick van Hofwegen, together with London-based producers Mus and Murray, found each other by chance when they were all working in Los Angeles. They immediately hit it off, drawing on their mutual love of classic-era 60s and 70s pop (Supertramp, Paul Simon), French House (Daft Punk, Phoenix), and soon formed a band which was pitched somewhere between the two.

The long-haired leader of the pack is singer Nick van Hofwegen, who you might recall as frontman of music-meets- art project Young & amp. Young & Sick has already earned Nick a fan (whom he’s designed artwork for) in touring buddy Chance The Rapper. Nick’s an artist in the truest sense – his music is so vibrant and visual because it’s the brainchild of a trained graphic designer, who fled a small village in The Netherlands to explore Berlin, before spending a few formative years in London, Brooklyn and winding up in LA at one point with just $100 in his pocket. In Mr Sanka, a band named after a character in Cool Runnings, he’s gearing up to win the race.