Mother Sun Debut Two New Singles

Mother Sun Debut two new singles "Marbles" and "Mycelium"
Mother Sun Debut two new singles "Marbles" and "Mycelium"

Vancouver psych quartet Mother Sun have dropped double-single “Marbles : Mycelium” (via Earth Libraries imprint Divine Bovine), with each track accompanied by its own music video.

“Marbles” is a short catchy indie pop song built from a drum loop into a triumphant blend of wavy guitars, bouncing bass, bell-like swirling synths, doubled drums and sly trumpet and flugelhorn leads. It kind of sounds like something you might hear traversing the overworld in a Super Nintendo game, a feeling echoed in the song’s lighthearted autumnal lyrics and nostalgic animated video.

“Mycelium” slows things down to a walk and invites the listener into a sunny day in the life of a series of trees and plants, as well as their underground network of fungal communication. An array of sampled sounds and instruments wander in and out of focus anchored by a steady acoustic guitar and walking rhythm section. Wide panned vocals sprout underground as a key change transitions to the perspective of the subterranean mycelium in the song’s choruses, sending synapses from tree to tree before surfacing again to the verse’s sunshine.

Both of these songs were recorded at home, produced by the band, and mastered by David Parry of the folk pop band Loving. Building off of demos started in Doherty’s minimal basement studio on 4 track tape, layers of instruments and vocals were added and production completed at Pagnotta’s growing studio just up the street.

Order “Marbles : Mycelium” by Mother Sun HERE


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