Moses Sumney Shares New Single

Moses Sumney shares "Me in 20 Years
Moses Sumney "Me in 20 Years"

Moses Sumney has shared “Me in 20 Years.” The track is taken from Part 2 of his forthcoming release græ and is co-produced by Sumney, Daniel Lopation (Oneohtrix Point Never), and Matt Otto. græ will be released via Jagjaguwar Records — the first part due digitally in February of 2020, with the second part, as well as the physical album, due May 15th.

The songs on græ may seem divergent, like the visceral, Smashing Pumpkins drama of “Virile,” but there’s always that voice, knowable and penetrating, threading the pieces together: a heavenly rasp, a whale call, Miles’ horn.

The album includes collaborations with a diverse array of contributors and is Sumney’s first work to be written in his new home of Asheville, North Carolina. It all works to create a paradox, keeping art and artist somewhere between any one sure thing – but surely something that demands your attention affixed and your breath bated.

Moses Sumney
February 2020 & May 15, 2020

Part One:
1. Insula
2. Cut Me
3. In Bloom
4. Virile
5. Conveyor
6. boxes
7. Gagarin
8. jill/jack
9. Colouour
10. also also also and and and
11. Neither/Nor
12. Polly

Part Two:
13. Two Dogs
14. Bystanders
15. Me in 20 Years
16. Keeps Me Alive
17. Lucky Me
18. and so I come to isolation
19. Bless Me
20. before you go