“Woke Up and No Feet” By Anastasia Coope

“Woke Up and No Feet” By Anastasia Coope is Northern Transmissions Song of the Day
“Woke Up and No Feet” By Anastasia Coope is Northern Transmissions Song of the Day

Anastasia Coope shares “Woke Up and No Feet” off her forthcoming debut album, Darning Woman, available May 31, 2024 via Jagjaguwar. The track follows previous single “He’s On His Way Home, We Don’t Live Together. Her album release party takes place at Baby’s All Right in Brooklyn, NY on May 31. She will also be performing with Sub Pop singer/songwriter Lael Neale April 12 at Public Records, NY and April 13 at Lilypad in Cambridge, MA, with UK dates to follow in autumn.

Coope’s forthcoming debut, Darning Woman, is a rich tapestry of surrealist psychedelia that evokes a precipice beyond the material world. Like a dispatch from another past, or a memory pressing up against the veil, it’s unmoored in space and time: ghostly, spectral, far-out folk. Here, Coope creates whirling layers of expressive, stratified vocals, suggesting lost lullabies contorted into alluringly strange, staccato shapes.

While staying at a relative’s vacant home in Beacon, NY, Coope began experimenting with recording software in an empty living room, singing directly into the open space. Until that point, she had mainly thought of herself as a visual artist, but immediately, it felt right. Throughout the next year, she taught herself to sing in different styles, hocketing and layering her voice to construct vast, sweeping choirs. “I was able to envision a room of things happening, rather than me just building something,” Coope says. “This record was me starting to think spatially about music. On this album, the word ‘woman’ represents the idea of a muse, or an idol, or an icon,” she says. “It was a mixture of the maternal with the idea of a character, a star.”

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