Your Day Will Come by Chanel Beads album review by Ben Lock for Northern Transmissions. The artist's LP drops April 19th via Jagjaguwar


Your Day Will Come

Chanel Beads

Here it is. The highly anticipated arrival of NYC based artist Chanel Beads Debut album Your Day Will Come. In early 2022 there was some buzz circling around on the very saturated medium of the internet about the songs “Ef” and “True Altruism” and their genre blending freshness and objectively cool nature. The unconventional structure of Chanel Beads’ songwriting mixed with a unique set of influences and instrumental approaches excited the indie rock circuit in hopes of a full-length release. With the success of the singles in 2022, “Chanel beads” was set up nicely to start releasing the project that means the most to him, Your Day Will Come, an album full of instrumental deception and self-discovery.

The track to open this record is the anthemic and lushly produced “Dedicated to the World,” a dreamy tune filled with gorgeous synths and unpredictable chord changes. Followed by one of my personal favourite songs of Chanel Beads, “Police Scanner.” A song that feels futuristic and modern but also feels very nostalgic. “You owe it to yourself/Gotta believe in something else,/ Looking at the guilt cannot break before it ends,” Lavers sings openly. The next song on the record, “Idea June,” is one of the many left turns on this record in terms of dynamics and feel. The song opens up with lushly strummed acoustic guitar and massive-sounding vocals and is built up beautifully with gorgeous strings and a really impressive vocal performance from Lavers. “Embarrassed Dog” again sees Shane trying different things within his songs. It has a groovy beat, a funky 70s-sounding slap bass floating under lush chords, and a very cool and emotional vocal performance. Although I think this song could have evolved a little more, I love the melodies and attitude and think it adds a lot to the first half of the album.

The middle point of this wonderful album is marked graciously with “Unifying Thought” a song that subtly showcases Shane’s songwriting uniqueness. It is a song that feels so nostalgic while using elements from modern music. The production of this song sounds like what everyone is going to try and sound like in 10 years. There is something about it that just feels so fresh and inspired. The plucky synths and big string sounds paired with the chilled drums and the effortlessly cool vocals create a really unique track. The next track is the title track of the project and the first track off the record that’s almost fully instrumental, with a couple exceptions of hummed melodies peaking in to the mix every once in a while. The song starts with a funky and interesting hip-hop beat that accends into a lush dream pop universe that is euphoric and cinematic. The next track is another moment on this record where you just think, wow, this might be one of the most impressive debut albums I’ve heard in a long time. This track sounds like it’s as inspired by Post-punk as it is by Electronic music and hyperpop. Structurally, it’s one of the most memorable moments on the record especially when it goes to the slow build of the outro. One of the first moments on the record that really encapsulates a real archaic feeling within one of the songs is when the guitar starts repeating that driving riff, and the whole instrumental builds around it to create this expressive wall of noise. It’s a moment I will never forget.

The second to last song on this album is the meditative and psychedelic track “Coffee Culture,” which is an almost all-instrumental track filled with emotional Violins and lush pads. It is a song that interjects any sort of expectations we have for this record and inputs a beautiful left turn that adds a whole level of depth to this record. Absolutely brilliant. The final track of the album feels like a huge moment. A crescendo to the album. A creative high point and one of the most emotional and potent songs off the album. The vocals layer and layer towards the end of the track, creating an intensity that caps off the record wonderfully. It’s one of the most exciting listens I’ve experienced in a while. I can’t wait to see what this wonderful artist has to offer next.

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