Household Name by Momma album review by Robrt Duguay. The band's new full length is now available via Lucky NumberPolyvinyl Record Co.


Household Name


New York City via Los Angeles act Momma does this by echoing ‘90s style fuzz and melodic structures. It’s a mishmash of grunge, shoegaze and dream pop that would garner appreciation from the melancholy goths along with the indie rock purists. Their third LP, Household Name, that came out via Lucky Number Records on July 1, is their latest installment of this artistic approach.

In this age of music where the marketplace is endless, it’s not surprising when a band pulls off a sound that harks back to decades past. I’m not the biggest fan of romanticizing past eras of artforms & society as a whole, but a nice tribute never hurt anybody.

Momma’s creative nucleus is forged through the creative partnership between Etta Friedman and Allegra Weingarten who both play guitars. Zach Capitti Fenton rounds out the music on drums and together this trio exhibits stellar syncopation. Each song on the album has these breakdowns, fills and progressions that occur at various instances. They open up different elements such as blistering solos, increased distortion and kickass harmonies. There’s serious amplification that’s being conveyed at a consistent rate and it’s a quality that shouldn’t be overlooked.

I like how “Rip Off” starts the album off with tightly knit guitars that exhibit a slight jangle. The harmonies from both Friedman and Weingarten really shine through the loud riffs and pulsating beats. “Rockstar” has a lead guitar chord weaving in between the electric and acoustic foundations that I really dig. There’s a similar characteristic within “Motorbike” but there’s more of a melodic presence within the track. Other songs that highlight the album include “Tall Home”, “Lucky”, “Callin’ Me” and “Spider”.

Household Name is one of those albums that has this accessible ability that a lot of other albums don’t have. The music touches upon an assortment of styles in compact fashion which is impressive and appreciated. You can plug in and press play with an open mind or you can do the same while sticking to your musical tastes. Regardless of your approach to Momma’s latest release, giving it a listen will probably make you a fan. This will especially be the case if you like the loud-quiet-loud dynamic and profound vocals.


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