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Eternal Ring


While I have somewhat mixed feelings about ‘90s nostalgia, it is nice to hear bands putting their own spin on the alternative rock style from that decade. The distorted guitars, rhythmic foundation and genuine emotion is still as fresh of a combination as it was 30 years ago.

What makes it cool to hear in these current times is how it’s slightly skewed and adapted to our present day & age. Based in Los Angeles, Milly pulls this off with their latest album Eternal Ring that came out via Dangerbird Records on September 30. It’s got some grit and some angst all wrapped up in sheer amplification.

The emphatic mix of shoegaze and alternative reminds me a lot of bands like Hum, The Catherine Wheel and Failure. Multi-instrumentalist Brendan Dyer is the creative nucleus behind the band with his vocals and guitar shredding having a major presence. The drums, along with Yarden Erez on bass, are the glue that holds the music together. There’s a certain heart-on-the-sleeve aesthetic within the songs but it’s delivered in a poetic fashion. That’s a refreshingly great counteraction to what would usually be a more intense approach if this album was made a
couple decades ago.

I really like how “Iluminate” starts the album off with the riffs and drums coming together for a heavy dose of sonic cohesion. There’s melodic qualities present as well that give it a bit of a multidimensional vibe leading up to the choruses. “Nullify” is a bit more melancholy but that combination of the guitars and drums is still stellar. Beginning kind of somber and slow, “Ring True” sounds a bit stripped down at first as the chords on the six-string progress to a higher volume along with the other instruments. “Sedation” and “Stuck In The Middle” are two other
highlights of a pretty solid record.

Merging the classic with the modern can be difficult regardless of which creative medium it is. Any artist wants to highlight their influences while incorporating their own identity into them and it’s easier said than done. Milly accomplishes this in their own way and it deserves to be recognized & appreciated. With that being said, there’s a certain rawness within the tracks that can’t be overlooked. That’s why music fanatics should give Eternal Ring a listen.

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