“Miguel” by Emmecosta


‘Miguel’ by Emmecosta is Northern Transmissions ‘Song of the Day’. The Gothenburg trio all hail from a small town in Italy called Positano. After residing, recording and releasing all of their music in Sweden for the last seven years, the band consider themselves Swedish nationals but haven’t forgotten their roots, with new single ‘Miguel’ they aim to build on the Swedish/Italian connection.

‘Miguel’ is a story about a man and his own land portrayed by the delicate deliverance in Emmecosta’s music. There is a hidden romantic darkness in the actual story, which represents the bands melancholy in relation to their hometown in Italy, and what it was been like to immigrate to Sweden. There is a craving for home, yet acceptance of new belonging.

Emmecosta said this about the track:
“’Miguel’ is a part of us that we have left in Italy. It’s the son, grown up, of our past. 
We look after him, we look at him, but from the North. The song is about Miguel, the exponential image of our roots.”

‘Miguel’ will be available via Swedish tastemakers Icons Creating Evil Art on Friday 17th February 2017 in all the usual places for streaming/download.