“Mantra” By Autogramm

Autogramm, recently released a new video for their latest single, “Mantra.” created by award-winning director Shayne Ehman (METZ/’Asphalt Watches’). The track is featured on the band’s sophomore album, No Rules, now out tomorrow via Nevado Records.

guitarist/vocalist Jiffy Marx on the video for “Mantra:”

“On our first tour to Mexico we flew in on a red eye flight then partied all night every night for a week. It was super fun but my internal clock never really adjusted – I’d be up until 3 or 4am every night and then waking at 7am, which is when I usually get up at home. The lyrics for ‘Mantra’ are literally a mantra I made up to help clear my mind on those mornings when every part of me except my stupid brain knew that I needed more than 3 or 4 hours sleep!”

Shayne Ehman on the Video:

“The members of Autogramm and I all have a relationship to skateboarding. The lyrics of “Mantra” describe a certain relationship to satori, meditation, focus/flow, repetition, mind/no mind, of being in the zone. Things which are felt when skateboarding is good yet are difficult if not impossible to describe using words. The song is a ‘mantra’. A way of training to be prepared for flow when you need to flow”.

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