Lust For Youth release video for “Tokyo”

Lust For Youth release new video for "Tokyo"

With their new album ‘Compassion’ out now via Sacred Bones, Copenhagen trio Lust For Youth are sharing their new video for their current single “Tokyo”.

Appropriately filmed in song title’s location, the band got the footage for their ‘Tokyo’ from a group of residents who filmed themselves across their hometown. It shows the rural and vibrant life of growing up in Japan – the clubs, the gigs, the bright lights and late nights, complete with some excellent Lust For Youth t-shirts.

Lust For Youth are a three piece from Copenhagen made up of Hannes Norrvide, Malthe Fischer & Loke Rahbek. Following 2014’s International, the trio released their most recent album Compassion earlier this year.

Compassion restates beauty for a time of crisis and clickbait. Judgement, design, form, and opinion: to what end will we refine our world if we can’t also make an anthem of our lives? This is the tender conspiracy: I’m on twitter; I have an anthem. Do we have an anthem? We have lust. Let’s meet IRL.

Lust For Youth
track list:

Easy Window
Sudden Ambitions
Better Looking Brother
In Return