Lushlife shares track featuring Killer Mike

Lushlife shares new track "This Ecstatic Cult", featuring Killer Mike
Photo by Ebru Yildiz

Lushlife has shared “This Ecstatic Cult” featuring Killer Mike. The track, which premiered today, is on his third album Ritualize. Out on February 19th, and his first album since 2012’s Plateau Vision. For Ritualize, Lushlife collaborates with enigmatic production trio CSLSX, which also features contributions from Ariel Pink, Killer Mike, Freeway, Marissa Nadler, RJD2 and more.

Lushlife / CSLSX
(Western Vinyl)
Feb 19, 2016

1. Totally Mutual Feeling
2. The Waking World ft. I Break Horses
3. Hong Kong (Lady of Love) ft. Ariel Pink
4. Incantation ft. Deniro Farrar
5. Undress Me in the Temple
6. Body Double
7. Toynbee Suite ft. RJD2, Nightlands, Yikes the Zero
8. Strawberry Mansion ft. Freeway
9. This Ecstatic Cult ft. Killer Mike
10. Burt Reynolds (Desert Visions)
11. Integration Loop ft. Marissa Nadler
12. Ritualize

About Ritualize:

“Peace to Roky Erickson / Peace to Bo Derek / So lost in the television / Walk with the elephants / To die by their relatives / Lushlife holy ghost / Float through the tenements / Back to irrelevance”

“After toiling over two self-produced LPs in the last half-decade, I felt compelled to bring on an outside production team for Ritualize,” Lushlife (born Raj Haldar) explains. “Not only did I want to broaden the musical palette, but I felt like the group production effort would give me a depth of focus on lyrical content and emotion that I hadn’t previously been afforded.” After a chance encounter with CSLSX, who had been quietly self-releasing low-fi dance gems, the newly-formed team set out on a three-year journey that would eventually yield their new joint album.