Loverman Shares New Video For “Into the Night”

Loverman has shared a new video For "Into the Night." The track is now available via PIAS Recordings and streaming services
Loverman shares new video for "Into The Night"

The opening shot of Loverman’s video for “Into the Night” immediately recalls F.W. Murnau’s thrilling 1920’s masterpiece Nosferatu. Dark and frightening, but on a closer look, anxious and fragile. “Into The Night” is a first taste of a body of work that pulls on the same heartstrings as the wonderful dark folk anthems of Timber Timbre, the late-night ballads of Tindersticks and the classic songs Nick Cave and Leonard Cohen.

The initial shock quickly makes room for pure wonder when a lonely guitar starts strumming gently and you hear that dark, deep and alluring voice singing, “All I ever do seems so long overdue. My eyes they swell and I can’t tell if anyone can see me like you do.” The camera pulls out, lush and melancholic strings arise and the vampire minstrel runs away along the Basilica of the Sacred Heart of Paris.

Says Loverman on his art:

“Hello, this is Loverman, here to tell you a long story short. It begins with a sequence of the inevitable followed by more of the inevitable (if you know, you know) which set in motion a journey for something true. A journey starting at the place where all truth finds its bearings, the blessed and bloody capacity for love in each-and-every human being.

Throughout this journey, haunted by my love and hate for the hardcore continuum (Burial), for my homeland (Belgian Brit/British Belgian), modern-day troubadours (Brel/Walker/Cohen), and the abstractions uniting all of the above (The Singing Detective), I wrote love songs on an old guitar. They tell you a new story you’ve all heard before but still need to hear. Stripped down to their bare necessities, these love songs recollect and reload. Written and recorded on a rooftop somewhere in Belgium.”

About the debut single:
“’Into the Night’ was written a time when I was going through problems at once on a personal level, as well as in my relationship. Problems that, by now, are mostly, but will never be entirely, behind me. The song gives me mixed feelings because it takes me back to a time and place where I wasn’t doing well. At the same time, it reminds me of the love and friendship I feel for the person I wrote the song for. It allows me to look back at our shared history, which in turn gives me a sense of gratitude, of pride, of sadness, of happiness and most of all, a deep sense of love. Its personal meaning shifts over time, depending on the emotional state I find myself in.

As I find often to be the case with writing songs in the midst of emotional turmoil, the song didn’t take long to write at all. It was written during lockdown, in a frenzy, with a collection of other songs that will get their time soon enough. Now is the time for ‘Into the Night’, a love song, undoubtedly. A love song in despair at once as it is an affirmation, a reassertion. A love song that despairs over the hold love can have over one’s heart, but because of it becomes all the more determined and dedicated to the love it despairs of. To those whose hearts are open, I give you, ‘Into the Night’.”

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