The World Is Still Chaos But I Feel Better by L'orange album review by Greg Walker for Northern Transmissions


The World Is Still Chaos, But I Feel Better


After already releasing an album in 2021 that some people are saying is gonna be album of the year, with wordsmith Namir Blade, that sounds like an underground classic in the making, L’Orange is back at it again with a 23 track record, with minimal lyrics and super production, called The World Is Still Chaos, But I Feel Better. It is a thrilling counter point to the other record, an example of just how much versatility L’Orange has.

It includes popular artists like Marc Rebillet, and soundbites by the likes of comedian Nish Kumar. Like comedian Bo Burnham’s Netflix wonder Inside, but it takes almost the opposite tact. Instead of getting sucked into the feelings of Armageddon that permeate Burnham’s wordy musical comedy, that drag you down and make you feel like having hope is an affront to current events, L’Orange’s album is an exercise at being at peace in the midst of chaos, filling the space with positivity, instead of being overwhelmed by the negativity. Being ok with, “Feeling OK… not perfect.”

In a way, it is a testament to the soothing power of music, an advertisement for good music in hard times. With tinkling keys, hip hop beats, jazzy horns, it’s ultimately a feel good record. It’s twenty two tracks but goes by pretty quickly, something to soundtrack cleaning the house or driving to work, or laying in an unmade bed, as the case may be. There are enough vocal samples that it’s not a purely instrumental album, but enough virtuosic “beats” to be something like killer background music.

“I wanted to confront my own creative process and day-to-day wellbeing managing mental illness in a healthy way for the first time,” L’Orange says about the album. Many creatives go to the practice room and the studio to do this. But instead of an album steeped in the manic-depressive feelings the artists are feeling, this album is an exercise in overcoming. One song at a time, day to day, moment to moment.

It is one more head-bopping, world-aware album on his Mellow Music Group label. “To be well enough for the people who like it.” That’s the M.O. of this album. If you wanna be down, wrecked by this week’s newsreel, that’s your choice. But if you wanna feel good for a change, his music is there as the perfect audio aid. It’s nothing too deep. Or is it? Learning how to be happy in this crazy world is a difficult balance to strike. Somehow, L’Orange has struck that balance on his new album.

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