Lia Lia Debuts Video For “Angst”

Lia Lia has has shared a new video for her new single and album title-track "Angst." The clip was directed by visual duo KINOPROBY
Lia Lia photo credit Credit: KINOPROBY

Lia Lia has has shared a new video for her new single and album title-track “Angst.” The clip was directed by visual duo KINOPROBY (Rema/Dior). The song and video follows the release of Lia Lia’s new EP.”Angst”, co-written in Los Angeles by Jeremey Zucker, embodies the core theme of her project, documenting a journey towards authenticity and individuality.

Discussing how the video came together, KINOPROBY shared “Have you ever seen the movie “All About Lily Chou-Chou?”, asked Lia on the first call with us. As Asian cinema lovers we felt that it was just thrilling to create the video with Lia in such a sensitive aesthetic. The world of lovers that we visualised is very fragile, full of details, with understatement, including toxic moments. Camcorders were one of the main optics that we used in the video; it helped to sneakily peek into their intimacy. Sometimes love is somewhere between floors while you are inside the old elevator; it’s in quick touch; in manic stalking, it’s hidden in the grass. It’s what we wanted to show.”

Lia Lia explains “I love banality, surreal realism and working with tropes from movies and anime, especially because “the music video genre” is such a short format. You don’t have much time to build characters or stories. With Kinoproby it felt like we shot a whole movie. They build the perfect world for my character to exist in. Usually I’m such a control freak and do everything myself, but I fell in love with them and their vision, so this time, I only did the characters, styling, casting and my make up haha. I’ve never felt so connected, I think we share some neurons in our brains or something.”

Earlier this year, the artist was personally invited to be the support act on Duran Duran’s UK arena tour. Previously LIA LIA supported Doja Cat in Germany.

Not only is LIA LIA making waves in the music scene, but she is also leaving a lasting impression in the world of fashion, collaborating on fashion campaigns for iconic brands like Louis Vuitton and New Balance. Renowned fashion designer Clara Colette Miramon, who has worked with top artists like Doja Cat, Kehlani, and Tinashe, lends her expertise to Lia Lia’s visual aesthetics.

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