Lenka Unveils Enchanting New Album “Intraspectral”

Lenka Unveils Enchanting New Album "Intraspectral"
Lenka Photo via the Artist

For nearly two decades, Australian singer, songwriter, and performer Lenka has been releasing music to her fiercely devoted fanbase. Once part of the critically acclaimed band Decoder Ring, Lenka now enjoys success as a solo act, exploring all musical genres and touring the whole world.

Now, Lenka has released her much anticipated 7th solo album, Intraspectral.

Produced by Dave Jenkins, Jr., Intraspectral is an exploration across multiple varied mood-lifting genres and finds Lenka taking on a variety of introspective themes. “I think I just made up the word ‘intraspectral’,” says Lenka. “But it certainly sounds like a scientific term for ‘the spectrum within.’ This is a very introspective collection. I’m so proud of the way this album turned out. It’s very special to me and I feel really connected to every song.”

Intraspectral features the focus track “Ultraviolet,” which Lenka wrote with Julian Hamilton from The Presets. The song acts as a bookend to the theme of the album. “It’s about not wanting to stay safe and simple, but to expand in life and keep all the colours shining bright, describes Lenka. “Ultraviolet is the color frequency higher than violet; it sits outside the rainbow. It is not visible to us and can be dangerous, which I like as a metaphor for living life.”

In total, Intraspectral has 11 beautifully crafted songs that showcase Lenka’s unique ability to intertwine genres, moods, and styles, while drawing on influences from the 80s through today.

“I loved being in the studio and leaning into various vintage styles to create something totally new,” shares Lenka. “Dave and I went on a musical journey through the decades and emerged creating higher energy songs with danceable beats. I’m so excited to share this album with everyone.”

Order Intraspectral HERE.


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