“Legends of My Own” by Gun Outfit

Gun Outfit have unveiled a new video for their third single, “Legends of My Own,” from Dream All Over, their Paradise of Bachelors’ debut album out October 16th. The video was directed by Gun Outfit’s Carrie Keith (guitar, vocals, slide). Keith says, “I shot the L.A. scenes on Super 8 under the influence of the black sun. Late fall I was in Washington and went for a ride out to the coast in a friend’s Cadillac, where we shot the color Super 8; some details I took from Melville, like the hat and overcoat against a cold background. The Camaro came back from Wyoming – my brother had suped it up – and my dad was running it around town, so we shot the two cars on a bridge over where the deal goes down.”

The members of Gun Outfit, all of whom have made or worked on their own and others’ low-budget, homebrew art films in various capacities, draw from the syntax and systems of cinema, in two senses: the songs on Dream All Over invoke imagistic memories and unfold like dreams unremembered upon waking, but they also rely on staunchly collaborative team processes. The unmistakable rhythm section of Daniel Swire (drums, percussion) and Adam Payne (bass, also of Residual Echoes) fuel Dylan Sharp (guitar, vocals, banjo, balalaika) and Carrie’s spacious, enmeshed guitar work with a corporeal throb, and all decisions are democratically decided. Friend and mentor Henry Barnes (Amps for Christ/Man Is the Bastard) plays three different homemade electric sitars on the record. Facundo Bermudez (Ty Segall, No Age, King Tuff) engineered and co-produced.


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