“Lack of Emotion” by Skott

"Lack of Emotion" by Skott, is Northern Transmissions' 'song of the Day.

Skott, recently released her new single “Lack of Emotion.” The track follows the young, Scandinavian’s third single “Amelia,” released on the heels of debut tracks “Porcelain” and “Wolf.”

Of the track, Skott notes, “Some people seem to have this off switch, where they can shut off their emotions when things become difficult. The song is about this shell people create – I’ve got this fascination and fear of it because I feel like I’m the complete opposite when it comes to emotions, I can’t deny how I feel. It’s a bit of a melancholic disco.”

Skott spent her early years learning the fundamentals of life in a forest commune, run by a collection of outcast folk musicians. Together they built a small but supportive community, quite remotely from the nearest city. Beyond the obvious, it meant that Skott didn’t actually have an opportunity to listen to contemporary music until she went to the city for the first time in her mid teens. In the meantime, Skott will return to writing her debut album, due for release next year.


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