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The title of La Sera’s fourth album Music For Listening to Music To So, in other words, “music.” After 2014’s Hour of the Dawn Katy Goodman returns with a set of songs that double down on solid simplicity – the power of wry lyrics, glorious guitar, driving backbeat, and the occasional pump organ groove. La Sera is a duo now – that’s guitarist/cowriter/new husband Todd Wisenbaker. And Ryan Adams joins to produce the fruit of their union, La Sera’s first live-recorded analog album, featuring 10 new tunes about good love, bad love, dead men, and confused kids.

Music For Listening to Music To opens on “High Notes,” where rollicking guitar and punk drums chugga-chugga beneath Goodman’s knack swoon and gloom, first heard via Vivian Girls.

When it came time to write her fourth full-length, Goodman wasn’t sure where she wanted to take the music. One night she and Wisenbaker (a Jenny and Johnny touring alum who joined La Sera in 2012 and produced Hour of the Dawn) did something they’d never done before: wrote a song together. That upbeat jangle-pop cut was the result, and the rest poured out.

As a testament to the chemistry that happened in that space, Music For Listening to Music To spawned another fruitful relationship: Adams and Wisenbaker, who hit it off and decided to start their own band. Instead they wound up recording a bunch of Taylor Swift covers, which became the 1989 album. These days Wisenbaker’s doing double duty – you might’ve seen him backing Adams on Jimmy Kimmel or The Daily Show. She says Adams’ excitement about taking La Sera into the analog realm inspired her to embrace the back-to-basics approach.

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La Sera Music For Listening To Music To (Polyvinyl) is out March 4, 2016