“Knowing Thyselves” By Sarah Morrison

"Knowing Thyselves" By Sarah Morrison is Northern Transmissions Song of the Day. The track is of her forthcoming album Attachment Figure
"Knowing Thyselves" By Sarah Morrison is Northern Transmissions Song of the Day

Singer/songwriter Sarah Morrison’s debut studio album Attachment Figure depicts the strangeness of exploring new relationships with subtle and spacious electronic production. “I love movies that make you feel uneasy rather than brutalized—comforted, yet disturbed at the same time,” says Morrison.

A former live keyboardist in Locate S,1, Morrison co-produced Attachment Figure with fellow bandmates Ross Brand and Clayton Rychlik, who each also play in of Montreal‘s backing band. She was motivated to experiment with looser song structures and more unconventional chord progressions by her collaborators’ fondness for avant-garde jazz, as well as Locate S,1 frontwoman Christina Schneider’s unique writing style.

Lyrically, Attachment Figure meditates on questions about identity and personal growth through the lens of the unreal. “This Sorry Day” and “Knowing Thyselves” take place in virtual worlds, from the “rectangular black hole” of a smartphone to the split-screen of a multiplayer video game, spaces that can create a false sense of control in their user, to depict feelings of isolation within relationships and society as a whole.

Inspired by letters written by Simone Weil, “A Fortune” brings the soul-searching of “Via Negativa” full circle, examining the French philosopher’s superstitious preoccupation with fasting and asceticism from the perspective of living with her partner, whose presence helped her remove herself from similarly destructive tendencies. The track is glacial and intense, backed by interweaving drones that direct attention to Morrison’s whispered vocals, which depict depersonalized, unearthly scenes, brought back to earth by the company of another.

Sarah Morrison
Attachment Figure
Ramp Local

1. Via Negativa
2. This Sorry Day
3. To Kill a Buzzard
4. Mango
5. Attachment Figure
6. Gray Apples
7. Fear is the Mistake
8. Knowing Thyselves
9. La Pascualita
10. A Fortune

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