“Gray Apples” By Sarah Morrison

Northern Transmissions Song of the Day is "Gray Apples" By Sarah
Sarah Morrison photo by Chris Cameron

Singer/songwriter Sarah Morrison, who recently announced her new LP Attachment Figure, due for release on October 13th via Ramp Local (Sea Moss, Tomato Flower) has shared the lead single “Gray Apples.”

Co-produced with Ross Brand and Clayton Rychlik, both long time members of Locate S,1 and of Montreal‘s backing bands, Attachment Figure meditates on questions about identity and personal growth through the lens of the unreal. On lead single “Gray Apples,” a casual walk through a cemetery quickly turns into an inquiry of the secret wisdoms, or lack thereof, the experience of death can reveal to us. Despite its heavy, existential theme, it’s a surprising moment of levity for the album, a spellbinding dip into lush dream pop and an engrossing entry into Morrison’s intricate songwriting and surrealist lyrics.

About the single, Morrison writes: “I wrote this during a week I had off between jobs in October 2021. I spent a lot of that time walking and thinking about employment, purpose, inadequacy…and as my walks took me to cemeteries it finally sort of occurred to me I was having these very mortal thoughts while sometimes standing on someone’s grave. The song started as an effort to figure out what wisdom a person learns through the experience of death, but ends up reckoning with what’s probably true, that it’s a whole lot of confusion and rot above as well as below the veil of life and death.”

Sarah Morrison
Attachment Figure
Ramp Local

1. Via Negativa
2. This Sorry Day
3. To Kill a Buzzard
4. Mango
5. Attachment Figure
6. Gray Apples
7. Fear is the Mistake
8. Knowing Thyselves
9. La Pascualita
10. A Fortune

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