Knocked Loose Guest On Records In My Life

Knocked Loose are one of the most exciting young hardcore bands. Their new record, produced by Will Putney A Different Shade of Blue, recently came out Via Pure Noise. The young band have taken hardcore / metal / punk scenes by storm in just a couple years. Hailing from Oldham County, KY, they’ve changed the genre as we know it & have garnered a massive and well deserved fanbase across genres & generations along the way. The band have a true passion and knowledge for hardcore music, and were more than happy to chat with Records In My Life.

This is an edited version of our interview with Knocked Loose, prior to their show at the Rickshaw in Vancouver, BC. The entire conversation lasts for nearly a full 24 minutes and covers a lot of unique questions that we didn’t have time to include in our YouTube cut. If you would like to watch Isaac and Bryan give all the answers to our questions please click thru to our patreon page:

Knocked Loose on Records In My Life references the following albums:

Knocked Loose – A Different Shade of Blue
Everytime I Die – Low Teens
Another Mistake – Lies For Lust
Slipknot – Iowa
As I Lay Dying – Beneath the Encasing of Ashes
Korn – Korn
Hatebreed – Satisfaction Is the Death of Desire
Emmure – Goodbye to the Gallows
Slint – Spiderland

Records In My Life is produced by Charles Brownstein and M R Henning
Co-produced by Jordan Acomba
Video, audio and editing by Mark Roland Henning
Hosted by Charles Brownstein


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