“Jung” By Belief

“Jung" by Belief, is Northern Transmissions Song of the Day. The track is off the duo's self-titled release, out July 15 via Lex Records
“Jung" by Belief, is Northern Transmissions Song of the Day

Belief, the acclaimed experimentalist techno duo of Stella Mozgawa (Warpaint, Kurt Vile, Courtney Barnett) and Boom Bip, have revealed, their self-titled debut album, with a new single, “Jung,” and video directed by Ali Lee Hollon. The full-length drops on July 15 via Lex Records. Belief will support Mozgawa’s band Warpaint on the road this summer with dates in New York, Philadelphia, D.C., Toronto and more.

“Jung is a special song for Stella and I,” says Boom Bip, a.k.a. Bryan Hollon. “It was the most ‘organic’ (for lack of a better term) on the record. Its fluidity is inspiring for future Belief tracks. I started with a simple pumping pad, bird sounds and a piano riff. Stella took that and started layering live synth and hi-hat takes under and over it. I hear both of us equally in this. Lots of beauty, softness and emotion in this one.

“‘Jung’ is an expression of the tension between our desire to connect with the natural world and our inability to focus once we do,” says director Ali Lee Hollon. “The digital lens we have attached ourselves to dilutes light and sound. Time is fragmented, reality distorted. But what is existence if not fragile boundaries defining the outline of shapes, and are we capable of experiencing them in their purest form?”

Belief follows Versions, the duo’s debut EP out earlier this month, which featured two original tracks—“I Want To Be” and “Ulu”—plus remixes from friends and collaborators including HAAi, Falty DL, Vanishing Twin and Boom Bip’s own rework of “I Want To Be.”
Mozgawa—best known as the drummer of Warpaint and a frequent collaborator with Kurt Vile, Courtney Barnett (whose wildly acclaimed Things Take Time, Take Time she co-produced) and more—and Boom Bip, the legendary, Mercury Prize-nominated L.A. producer born Bryan Charles Hollon, met more than ten years ago when Mozgawa first moved from Australia to L.A. Bonding over their mutual love of techno legends like LFO and 808 State, they found deep musical kinship and began trading ideas in earnest when Hollon took Mozgawa on tour to drum with his Neon Neon project in 2013.

In 2016 they finally found time to cram every synth and bit of gear they owned into Eric Wareheim’s Absolutely Studios and jam with a single prompt: What Would Mark Bell Do? Recording hours of improvisation, they’ve spent chunks of time over the five years since shaping that material, playing under-the-radar shows cheekily billed as Beef to flesh out ideas along the way.

Track List

1. I Want To Be
2. Anx
3. Bayo
4. Luther
5. Dreams
6. Nebo
7. WOT
8. Ulu
9. Jung
10. Art of Love
11. Charch

Belief 2022 Tour Dates

July 20—Philadelphia, PA—Brooklyn Bowl Philadelphia
July 22—Washington, D.C.—Capital Turnaround
July 23—Cambridge, MA—The Sinclair
July 24—Brooklyn, NY—Brooklyn Made
July 27—Toronto, ON—Opera House
July 28—Detroit, MIMI—EI Club

with Warpaint

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