Jonny Pierce of The Drums Shares “Nadia”

Jonny Pierce of The Drums has shared “Nadia” today, the first new music he has released in 2020. During the pandemic
Jonny Pierce of The Drums “Nadia”

Jonny Pierce of The Drums has shared “Nadia” today, the first new music he has released in 2020. The single, follows last year’s release of Brutalism. During the pandemic, Pierce has also focused on making time for meditation and self-reflection. For the former, he created and released a hybrid piece of song and meditation called “Take Yer Meds (A Guided Meditation)” in May. For the latter, he has been taking the time to think about how he can support the current racial justice movements and more specifically, how black artists shape the musical landscape we all enjoy. While The Drums have always lent their support to progressive causes benefitting LGBTQ, refugee and immigrant groups, Pierce has decided he wants to do more.

“”Nadia” is a song about uncovering strength by confronting difficult truths,” Pierce explains. “It’s about finally understanding your gifts by walking through fire. It’s about changing how you perceive yourself and the hand you’ve been dealt. This can only happen when you start honoring your emotions, rather than shutting them down. This shift towards true, healthy empowerment and self-love can only happen with discipline and daily practice. It is hard work. There are days that I feel like I’ve reached nirvana, and there are days that I still feel very unhappy. When you love yourself through and through, you learn to love all sides of yourself – the confident parts and the insecure parts – because they are all a part of you. Your vulnerability and emotional intelligence and sensitivity become your superpowers – the key to your invincibility.”

“Starting today, with the release of my new single, “Nadia”, a share of all future profits from all new and previously released music by The Drums will be donated to non-profits supporting black musicians,” Pierce stated. “We’ve begun consulting with some we know, and with community groups, to be sure we go about this in the best and most effective way. If you’d like to know more about how black artists shaped the musical landscape we all enjoy, I invite you to check out an episode of the podcast by The New York Times called 1619 : The Birth of American Music. Take a listen, search your heart, and if you are a non-black musician, producer, or writer who has a career in music, see how you might be able to do your part in making it right.”

On Monday, October 26, The Drums debuted their first-ever livestream concert performance. For the 10 year anniversary of their break out self-titled debut album, they played the record and their Summertime! EP in full at Brooklyn’s Elsewhere. The energetic performance is still available for another 24 hours; watch it HERE.


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