Review – The Drums At The Hollywood Forever Cemetery

The Drums Live in Los Angeles. David Saxum reviews Jonny Pierce band's October 13th at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery
The Drums at Hollwood

On the ominous night of Friday the 13th, a shiver-inducing atmosphere descended upon the Masonic Lodge in the heart of the Hollywood Forever Cemetery. The gothic venue, with its rich history and eerie allure, set the perfect stage for a hauntingly beautiful performance by The Drums. This memorable night was not just any ordinary concert but a celebration of Jonathan Pierce's newest album, "Jonny." The album delves deep into themes of self-realization, love, and the haunting specters of a traumatic past, making it the ideal accompaniment for this chilling setting.

As fans gathered on the second floor of the intimate venue, the anticipation was palpable. The air was thick with excitement and perhaps a touch of superstition, and it was clear that something special was in the air. Jonathan Pierce took the stage, greeted by an infectious wave of cheers that seemed to drown out even the most spine-tingling of Friday the 13th superstitions.

The haunting aura of the venue was intensified by the lighting design, casting eerie shadows on the walls, each shadow mirroring the singer’s every move. It was as if Pierce’s own shadow was a ghost of his former self, the embodiment of the past that he had overcome through his musical journey as showcased in “Jonny.” This visual effect perfectly complemented the thematic depth of the album, providing an immersive experience for the audience.

Pierce’s presence was electrifying, and his performance drew the audience closer and closer with each note. The crowd was entranced, swaying and moving in harmony to his infectious music. Songs from “Jonny” were met with enthusiasm, even though the album had been released that very morning. It was evident that many fans had already committed the new tracks to memory, singing along with every word. The bond between artist and audience was evident, with each lyric serving as a reminder of shared experiences and emotional resonance.

The most spine-tingling moment of the night occurred when a special guest emerged on stage, the famous rapper Rico Nasty. The crowd’s reaction was explosive, as if a ghostly apparition had manifested before their very eyes. The collaboration between Jonathan Pierce and Rico Nasty sent shockwaves through the room, and the energy was nothing short of electric.

This night was undoubtedly iconic, set in a famous venue that resonated with an eerie history of its own. It was an experience that many in the sold-out crowd considered themselves lucky to have witnessed, a convergence of haunting themes, mesmerizing music, and an electric connection between artist and audience. The Drums left an indelible mark on this Friday the 13th, proving that the spookiest of nights can also be the most unforgettable.

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