Jonny Kosmo shares new video for “Circus of Dreams”

Jonny Kosmo shares new video for "Circus of Dreams." The track is off his Tomas Dolas self-titled album, out March 1st, and available via streaming services
Jonny Kosmo "Circus of Dreams"

Groove eccentric Jonny Kosmo, has been keeping busy playing bass for psych-pop band Mr. Elevator. On Kosmo’s solo debut, he changes gears a bit, and shows his skills as a songwriter. The LP sees a group of talented musicians, including Aldous RH, drummer Miles Wintner (Ian Sweet), synth-genius Tomas Dolas (Mr. Elevator/Thee Oh Sees), as well as a collaboration with Kassie Carlson (Guerilla Toss). Self-titled release Jonny Kosmo leaves the listener in soundscapes of wonderment and honeyed possibility. The album was recorded by Tomas Dolas at Studio 22 in Los Angeles California

Jonny Kosmo
Jonny Kosmo
Street Date: March 1, 2019
Track List:

1. Prelude
2. Come Down to Get Down
3. Parrots of Highland Park
4. Jessica Triangle
5. Strawberry Vision feat. KC Rabbit
6. Circus of Dreams
7. Lazy Susan
8. Married to the Gun
9. We Are Not Alone
10. Overgrown
11. Floating


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