Jamila Woods Shares “Good News”

Jamila Woods shares new single “Good News." The track is off the singer/songwriter's forthcoming album Water Made Us
Jamila Woods shares new single “Good News." The track is off the singer/songwriter's forthcoming album Water Made Us

Jamila Woods, shares “Good News”, the single is off her forthcoming third album Water Made Us, available October 13th via Jagjaguwar and DSPs. the track was co-written by Jamila, Biako and Jean Placide, and inspired the album’s title. “The title of the album comes from one of the lyrics, ‘the good news is we were happy once / the good news is water always runs back where it came from / the good news is water made us’,” Jamila explains. “For me the song is a lesson in surrender, a lesson I learn from water over and over again.” “Good News” comes alongside a nostalgic visualizer and follows last month’s anthemic dance track “Boomerang”.

The album’s title is a subtle reference to a well-known Toni Morrison quote, “All water has a perfect memory and is forever trying to get back to where it was.” It’s this sentiment – of memory, place, and returning – that acts as a pillar for the arc of the album. While 2017’s critically acclaimed HEAVN found Woods celebrating her community within a lineage of Black feminist movement organizing, and 2019’s LEGACY! LEGACY! reframed her life’s experiences through the storied personas of iconic Black and brown artists, Water Made Us is self-revelatory in an entirely new way. Coming out of her Legacy! Legacy! touring schedule and into 2020’s Covid-19 quarantine, Jamila wanted to challenge herself to write as many songs as possible, and spent several months in a state of deep creativity and self-reflection. But despite giving herself this freedom to write without worry, she still yearned for a story to tie her disparate songs together. Early songs revealed a simmering common thread: love, relationships, and the hard lessons learned in their wake. Journaling, therapy, and frequent consultations with a trusted astrologer all began to reflect Jamila’s own patterns in love and intimacy back to her. After being connected with LA-based producer McClenney, the album’s story began to take shape, and the two worked together building each song from scratch.

Jamila Woods
Water Made Us

Tiny Garden (ft. duendita)
Practice (ft. Saba)
let the cards fall
Send A Dove
Wreckage Room
Thermostat (ft. Peter CottonTale)
out of the doldrums
I Miss All My Exes
libra intuition
the best thing
Good News

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