Jada Kingdom Debuts New Single “Budum”

Jada Kingdom has shared “Budum”
Jada Kingdom “Budum.”

Jada Kingdom has shared “Budum.” The Jamaican dancehall singer/songwriter’s latest track is available via Mad Decent. The 22 years old is pioneering a softer dancehall sound. While her music flirts with the dancehall genre, Kingdom’s approach is much more raw and emotional. In her new track “Budum”, her soft and candid appeal creates a unique playfulness that stretches her sound across a few different genres. Combining her Nina Simone and Erykah Badu-inspired lyrical melodies with her Dancehall roots, “Budum” boasts a familiar sound with a message that champions self-love and acceptance.

“Budum” follows the release of Jada Kingdom’s collaboration with Aluna Francis and Princess Nokia on the Mr. Vegas interpolating “Get Paid,” and even more recently, Jada’s own fresh new mixtape E-Syde Queen ~ The Twinkle Playlist from earlier this week. “The mixtape is a gift for my day one fans and for all those people who want to discover more about me,” Jada Kingdom says. “There’s a few surprises on there that I’m sure will make my fans happy, it’s just a fun project that we are giving away because I’ve just been so creative lately we have all these dope songs.”

From Jada Kingdom:

“It’s been such a crazy year with the pandemic I just wanted to release a song that is fun and will make people happy and want to dance again,” Jada Kingdom says about the track. “Hopefully ‘Budum’ will have everyone whining their waists and rocking their bodies again and help us to forget some of the craziness going on around us.”


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