Entering Heaven Alive by Jack White Album Review by Robert Duguay. The multi-artist's full length is out today via Third Man Records


Entering Heaven Alive

Jack White

Rock phenom Jack White has put out two albums this year, so it’s completely natural to compare the two. His first one, Fear Of The Dawn, that came out back on April 8 has more of an electronic and amplified vibe to it.

The guitar especially echoes this sentiment with the music being plugged in and exuding a mix of garage rock and new wave. His second one, Entering Heaven Alive, that was unveiled on July 22 has more of a stripped down vibe. There’s more of an organic aesthetic being conveyed with the string instruments having a major presence and the distortion being delivered in slight fashion.

Entering Heaven Alive is a stellar showcase of White’s songwriting abilities. There’s a certain purity to the tones that resonate from the keys, guitars, drums and other instruments being played. The sound isn’t being morphed into something unnatural, what you’re hearing is music naturally coming from the assorted and aligned parts. It’s kind of folky, kind of alt-country but overall it’s an array of substantial songs that resonate an interesting cohesiveness. This comes from how the music is arranged and delivered to the senses which is awfully pleasant. “Help Me Along” is orchestral with the keys and violins starting it off and then flowing into a foundation anchored by the keys and drums. It has a baroque pop vibe to it which is made noticeable through the intertwining of the string instruments. With a ‘60s feel comes “Queen Of The Bees”, it sounds like something straight out of The Animals’ discography and it’s a great thing. There’s a certain jazziness within “A Madman From Manhattan” that I really enjoy. It conveys a coolness that only White can put forth in a track.

Entering Heaven Alive isn’t your typical Jack White rock record, but it doesn’t need to be. It shows a different artistic side of his craft and approach. It proves that he’s a lot more versatile than he’s led on with his previous releases. This is why this album is a great one and I highly suggest giving it a listen if you’re an appreciator of the art of song. You also should give it a listen if you’re already a Jack White fan to begin with.

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