J Hacha De Zola debuts “Anarchy” video

J Hacha De Zola's new album Icaro Nouveau was Produced by John Agnello, ahead of the release. the multi-artist has shared the video for "Anarchy."
J Hacha De Zola "Anarchy

J Hacha De Zola’s new album was Produced by John Agnello, a career–long cohort of another “J” – J. Mascis of Dinosaur Jr, and most recently the man behind albums by Waxahatchee, Nothing, and many more. Hacha De Zola describes the new album as as full of “villains, spells, desires, romance, danger. redemption, and revelations.” The full–length Icaro Nouveau (out March 29th). Ahead of the release the artist is sharing the the video for album track “Anarchy,” that should brighten or darken yer mood, depending on your state of mind, we like it.

J Hacha De Zola on the video for “Anarchy”;

“The ‘Anarchy’ video looks like there’s a bit of a Stephen King’s ‘It’ vibe. We had some fun with this shoot on a day when the weather was terrible. We shot in Hoboken and we kinda rode it by the seat of our pants here. I thought I’d try to get recreate that ‘debauched harlequin’ look that we did for the album cover, along with my ‘diabolical ‘brella.’ I’m dancing like a Muppet, but I don’t mind as the song is pretty gritty and debauched, so we wanted to capture some of that in the video. Luckily the streets and overpasses of downtown Hoboken really helped with that, especially in the rain. I kinda wished my umbrella prop actually worked though because I got drenched!”


March 9th, 2019 from 6-10PM at Smush Gallery (340 Summit Ave, Jersey City, NJ) /// J Hacha De Zola presents: ‘Icaro Nouveau and Friends: An Evening of Song, Story Telling and Art’ /// Special performances by: J Hacha De Zola, guitarist Debra Devi, Alex Pergament (After School Activities), poet Rashad Wright, rock duo Drum and A Tantrum, and singer-songwriter Geyby Aguilar


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