“It Gets Better” By Sunnsetter

Northern Transmissions Song of the Day is "It Gets Better" By Sunnsetter. The multi-artist's track is now available via Paper Bag Records
Northern Transmissions Song of the Day is "It Gets Better" By Sunnsetter

Sunnsetter AKA: Andrew McLeod is a person of many talents. Today, the singer/songwriter and mixing engineer, has shared two new tracks “It Gets Better” and “The Best That I Can Be,” both off their album, The best that I can be, now available via Paper Bag Records, with the vinyl full length out today.

There is a direct referencing of their album title, in one of the new bonus tracks, both of which were intended to read as a sentence, or a mission statement. Mostly, both acknowledge the process making the record, that allowed Andrew to ultimately arrive at the personal space the album title suggests.

“Both of these tracks were written and recorded during the time of completing my newest album ‘The best that I can be’. In the original track list, when I was still working out what the album was going to be, both of these songs (and a few others) were included, and the one song is even the title track for the album. But at some point my vision for the project changed, and I felt that song in particular just felt maybe too ‘dark’ for what I really wanted to purvey. So in haste I took it off, but once the album came out I realized that I liked the song, and especially enjoy playing it live, so it only made sense to put it out as a companion to the album, because to try and put it on another release wouldn’t have made any sense to me!”

“The song ‘It gets better’ really only had to be removed from the album because it was being pressed to vinyl and it just made it too long! So I removed the song, but I realized again that It only made sense in the context of this project. This song is about the desire to change your behaviour, having to tell yourself that It can get better even when you feel the same over and over.”

Sunnsetter works primarily from their idyllic home studio in rural Norfolk County. Sunnsetter is also a collaborator with and contributor to three time Polaris nominated and twice shortlisted ZOON, the solo music project of Daniel Monkman, and 2023 Juno nominees, OMBIIGIZI.

“This is simply the best that I can be, through song, and the need to share that feeling with the world is extremely overwhelming,” says McLeod. The best that i can be. follows the releases The love you withhold is the pain you carry (2020) and All watched over by machines of loving grace (2022).

The best that I can be
Paper Bag Records

1. Memories (Come and Go Like Light)
2. Float In Circles
3. In the Ocean
4. Always Talk, Never Speak
5. Surely Everything’s Alright (ft. Guard Petal)
6. The Whole World that Turns Around Itself
7. Today Feels So New
8. At the End of the Day
9. I Hear a Voice
10. Can’t Forget

Sunnsetter 2023 Tour Dates

July 8th Hamilton Mills Hardware
July 20 – Toronto Lees Palace

Order The best that I can be by Sunnsetter HERE


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