“Instant Pace” B Boys

Captured Tracks’ B Boys find inspiration in the chaos that surrounds t“I Want” B Boyshem: the aggressive attitude and sonic lawlessness of the city they live, work, and breathe in every day. So far, the band have released two albums for Captured Tracks—2016’s No Worry No Mind EP and 2017’s debut full-length Dada. The band’s forthcoming release Dudu, was recorded by Gabe Wax (DeWhy Hasn’t Everything Already Disappeared? Deerhuntererhunter, Ought, Crumb) at Outlier Inn and mixed by Andy Chugg (Pill, Pop. 1280, Bambara) the album drops on July 26, 2019. Today, they have shared a video for album track “Instant Pace.”

From B Boys’ Brendon Avalos:

“The speed at which information is transmitted and consumed feels paralyzing, and that paralysis pissed me off. So the barrage of random images I had in my head while listening to the demos became reminiscent of the feeling I had when becoming mindless on the subway swiping through various applications and feeds on my phone. Paralyzed. Indifferent. Unfocused. Stuck. So I hope this song is a reminder to myself to take a step back from the speed of our daily life. Take a moment to breathe; think about what you want to spend your time doing.”

video directors Jon Campolo and Josie Keefe on “Instant Pace”:

We were inspired by drummer Andrew Kerr’s introspective & candid photographs that document B Boys’ tours. His behind the scenes photos show the band goofing off, setting up, and blowing off steam – mostly offstage. We manipulated Kerr’s photographs by painting, cutting and tearing them, riffing on Rauschenbergian collage, stop motion, the hand choreography of Sole Mani, and John Baldessari’s paintings. The effect is manic, mirroring the nostalgic energy of ‘Instant Pace.’ The band members faces are obscured and transformed into a painted world of devils, aliens and smileys. Who’s who??

B Boys

04/11/2019 – The Chameleon, Nottingham – UK
05/11/2019 – The Victoria, London – UK
06/11/2019 – Latest Music Bar, Brighton – UK
07/11/2019 – La Station, Paris – France
08/11/2019 – Case a Choc, Neuchatel – Switzerland
11/11/2019 – Mc Daids, Le Havre – France
12/11/2019 – DB,s, Utrecht – Netherlands
13/11/2019 – Roodkapje, Rotterdam – Netherlands
14/11/2019 – Stroomhuisje, Eindhoven – Netherlands
15/11/2019 – Schokoladen, Berlin – Germany
16/11/2019 – Cinetol, Amsterdam – Netherlands
18/11/2019 – Roronde @ Botanique, Brussels – Belgium