“Imagination” By Dent May

Carpark Records’ artist Dent May, has shared a video for “Imagination,” the track is off his current release Late Checkout. The video was shot entirely on an iPhone by Jimmy Whispers, the video is a watery dreamscape adorned with musical angels and their dog. It’s a song that shows off Dent May’s talent for crafting a crooning, retro-acoustic song, with a relatable message of missing someone who is far away “There’s nothing I can do/ To bring you here tonight/ So I turn out the lights/ And I use my imagination.”

From Dent May:

“Jimmy’s been one of my best friends ever since his old band came through to play my garage in Taylor, MS back in 2010. We’ve made a lot of music together since then, but this is our first visual collaboration. Jimmy shot this on his iPhone at Castaic Lake State Recreation Center in Los Angeles County and it features our friends Pearl & The Oysters, Kayla Monetta, Martin Isenberg and Simon The Dog.” – Dent May

“I’ve been collecting stationery from almost every hotel I’ve stayed at for the past ten years.” May reveals about the album’s opener “Hotel Stationary.” “I’ve always been drawn to the nature of hotels. I think it relates to this sense of always feeling out of place and my constant wanderlust.” On Late Checkout’s first single, “I Could Use A Miracle,” May sings about the desperation of feeling down-and-out against a lush and upbeat pop instrumental. The groovy “Easier Said Than Done” is decorated with bright keys and syncopated drums while May sings about coming to the end of his journey to find love. “Sea Salt & Caramel,” spilled out of May as a saccharine love song to his girlfriend, adding pure sweetness to balance the record’s melancholy pallet. From beginning to end, May bares his soul on each track across Late Checkout, offering a reluctant goodbye to his former selves, before wandering home.

Dent May
Late Checkout
Carpark Records

1. Hotel Stationery
2. I Could Use A Miracle
3. Didn’t Get The Invite
4. Sea Salt & Caramel
5. Bungalow Heaven
6. Bless Your Heart
7. Full Speed Ahead
8. Easier Said Than Done
9. L.A River
10. Imagination
11. Pour Another Round
12. Late Checkout