Iguana Death Cult Share Video for “Nature Calls”

Dutch band Iguana Death Cult, have released a video for "Nature Calls"
"Nature Calls" by Iguana Death Cult

Iguana Death Cult, have released a video for “Nature Calls,” The clip features frontman, Jeroen Reek, giving an impassioned performance of the single with bandmates idly sitting by. “Nature Calls” is a dynamic track displaying the band’s vigor. The band just released their new album Nude Casino via Innovative Leisure, (Pinky Pinky, Hanni El Khatib), the track follows previous singles “Bright Lights” and “Tuesday’s Lament.”

On “Nature Calls” the band asks, “Don’t we all get tired of neighbors, jobs, party invites, supermarkets, public announcements, smart phones, beggars, junkies, charity recruiters, cyclists, parking tickets, 20% off at you first purchase, buy now pay later, right wing, left wing, art and drinking? Well when Tobias played me this riff for the first time I just wanted to burn down the house, get butt naked and start running into the woods. So we channeled our primal energy and ‘Nature Calls’ pretty much wrote itself.”

Iguana Death Cult
Nude Casino
Innovative Leisure

1. Prelude
2. Nude Casino
3. Bright Lights
4. Lorraine
5. Carnal Beat Machine
6. Spasms
7. Tuesday’s Lament
8. Half Frysian
9. Chinatown
10. Liquify
11. Nature Calls
12. Castles in the Sky