“Y2J” By Peel

Peel, recently announced their debut album Acid Star, will drop on March 29th via Innovative Leisure (BADBADNOTGOOD), and shared two singles. “Y2J” opens with a wash of deceptive dream pop before breaking into psychedelic dance, whereas “Acid Star” is a hallucinatory blend of acoustic guitars. “Our first sessions were for fun to experiment around, trying to come up with rhythmic patterns from memory of pop songs on the radio from when we were growing up” explain the band, “Looking back, we opened a channel that would become Acid Star, where a large swarm of ideas flowed through in a very short amount of time.” Ahead of the album’s release the band have shared a video for “Y2J,” directed by the band’s Sean Cimino.

The duo are Inspired in part by Creation Records bands like Primal Scream and Manchester groups like Happy Mondays, Acid Star expands on the post-punk and industrial edge of early Peel, adding layers of psychedelia, dance, and even reverb soaked freak folk, as seen on the title track.

The creative partnership of Sean Cimino and Isom Innis, their bond was initially formed as touring members of Foster The People (now both official members live & on record). The two developed a musical language all their own over the years, ideas coalescing organically until the eventual birth of Peel. Their 2020 self-titled EP channeled influences from Aphex Twin to New Order, and yielded the “Citizen X”.

Acid Star
Innovative Leisure

01 Y2J
02 Climax
03 Manic World
04 In the Sedentary
05 OMG
06 Acid Star
07 Pavement
08 Cycle
09 Mall Goth
10 The Cloak

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