“I Don’t Really Know” Loose Buttons

"I Don't Really Know" by Loose Buttons is Northern Transmissions' 'Song of the Day'
"I Don't Really Know" by Loose Buttons

“I Don’t Really Know” is the final advance track from Loose Buttons’ debut full-length Something Better, which was produced by Gus Oberg (The Strokes, The Virgins). The album is described as a testament to this group of native New Yorkers, and specifically singer Eric Nizgretsky (a first-generation American raised in South Brooklyn after his family fled the Soviet Union), working to fend off the lingering pains of looking back and looming anxieties of looking forward to build something that’s truly worth living for. Thankfully in these uncertain times, we have wonderful slices of power pop, like “I Don’t Really Know,” to keep us going.

Eric Nizgretsky on “I Don’t Really Know:”

“Trying to succeed in an industry that hinges so much on what other people think of you can definitely drive you insane if you let it. So it seemed like it could do us some good to laugh at the situation rather than let it keep us up at night (it still does that too, don’t worry). No matter what happens, the four of us love doing this more than anything, so it’s important to me that we never let that love and excitement get buried under those superficial elements.”

I Don’t Really Know

I don’t really know
Whether five years ago
We thought this out
Time turns to doubt
And I’m ever down

Monumental or middling?
Will we read between the lines?
Have you heard this old song before?
Should we be happy or resigned?
Try to peek inside a critic’s mind?
Or thank you for giving us the time?

I don’t really know
If in five years or so
We’ll figure out
Time turns to doubt
And I’m ever down

Where do we go from here
(Some one-star review)
Where do we go from here
(Start on something new)


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