“Between Brick Walls” by Loose Buttons

NYC’s own Loose Buttons have shared another new track. “Between Brick Walls” is off of the bands upcoming EP, Sundays, out February 24th. Loose Buttons will also be playing a residency at NYC’s Pianos every Wednesday throughout the month of February.

Like the previously released “Milk & Roses”, Loose Buttons continue to write about failed romance. “Between Brick Walls” is about the epiphany you have after a breakup, when you realize that you were completely wrong for each other.

Coming of age in New York City’s artistic revival of the early-2000s – a movement that gave America its second wave of indie rock on the backs of The Strokes, Interpol and LCD Soundsystem – the boys of Loose Buttons began their immersion into the city’s newly galvanized musical culture. Their early adolescent years saw the four lads begin playing their respective instruments around the Five Boroughs in front of whoever would dare listen to a 12 year old with an electric guitar.

Loose Buttons EP ‘Sundays’ drops February 24th 2017.