“How High” By Alex Orange Drink

"How High" By Alex Orange Drink is Northern Transmissions Song of the Day.
"How High" By Alex Orange Drink is Northern Transmissions Song of the Day

Alex Orange Drink solo project of Alex Zarou Levine. Levine is the Founding member of D.I.Y. punk outfit The So So Glos. He took its name “orange drink” as a nod to the medication he depends on to treat a rare metabolic disease, Homocystinuria. Alex Orange Drink’s releases his next record, Everything Is Broken, Maybe That’s O.K on September 17, 2021. A head of the album’s release, he has shared the single “How High.”

There is something eerily medical about this collection of songs – two contrasting songs about grappling with a life-threatening disorder (“Homocystinuria Pt. 1” & “Pt. 2”), three songs about chemical addictions triggered by love (“Oxytocin,” “It’s Only Drugz,” “I L.U.V. I.O.U.”), plenty of references to the intersection of technology and mental health (“Clickbait, Click Me”), and a closing track that implies that a cure may be found in a return to the natural world (“The Sun Is Only Shining”). Lyrically, Alex delves even further into brave personal territory, continuing to explore his own individual crises and life story in a world that’s even more disjointed and damaged than before.

Alex Orange Drink will perform his first show of 2021 at Mercury Lounge in New York City on Thursday, July 8 with Jeffrey Lewis & The Voltage. Tickets for the upcoming 21+ appearance are available HERE and proof of vaccination will be required upon entry.

Alex Orange Drink
Everything Is Broken, Maybe That’s O.K.
track listing

Brooklyn, Central Booking
Homocystinuria Pt. 1 (1987-1994)
Oxytocin (Luv Buzz)
How High?
It’s Only Drugz (Limerence)
Clickbait, Click Me
Homocystinuria Pt. 2 (1995-1999)
I L.U.V. I.O.U.
Teenage Angst Forever
Sun Is Only Shining (Everything Is Broken)

Pre-order Everything Is Broken, Maybe That’s O.K. By Alex Orange Juice HERE


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