“Hikikomori In Love” by Swanes

Swanes have released a new video for “Hikikomori In Love.” The duo includes brothers Stefan and Michael Bildy. Their music is described as psychedelic-pop. since 2018 with a collection of tracks and EP collections via their Bandcamp page. They’ve been sampled by ‘illmind‘ (produced Drake, Kayne West) Stefan is a former jazz drummer, Michael is adept at signing ASL. They’re related to Jimmy Buffet. None of it quite seems to make sense and then it all makes perfect sense, once you hit ‘play.’

“Hikikomori In Love,”deals with a debilitating (originally) Japanese phenomenon that preceded the pandemic, where people become more and more isolated and removed from interacting with society and eventually don’t leave their rooms or homes for long periods of time, sometimes even decades. Even before the taxing collective social isolation of the last year, this increasingly complicated ‘separated’ reality we all experienced, Hikikomori started to consume more and more lives in more and more countries. Then along came COVID. “Living through social isolation due to the pandemic, we were inspired and fascinated by the story of Hikikomori, and felt it was an experience that so many people could relate to because of the time,” says the band.

Sticky Concrete
Track List

1. In The Crawl Space
2. Old Me Dies Here
3. My Anxieties
4. Fallback Man
5. Under The Fridge
6. Drake Country
7. Hikikomori In Love
8. Bloody Metals
9. Sticky Concrete
10. The Devil Loves Church

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