Helena Deland releases La Blogothèque sessions

Montreal singer.songwriter Helena Deland rceently released her sessions for La Blogothèque. The original recordings are available via Luminelle.
Helena Deland 'La Blogothèque'

Helena Deland recently recorded a session, for one of favourites, La Blogothèque, filmed in Paris ahead of her Pitchfork Avant Garde set. The first clip features Helena and guitarist Alexandre Larin wandering along the banks of the Seine to play acoustic version of “There Are A Thousand.” The tender “Two Queries” follows next, filmed inside the Thierry Corcelle bookstore as a duet with Helena’s friend Lysandre Menard.

Deland’s current collections, From The Series of Songs ‘Altogether Unaccompanied’ Vol. III and IV was released to much acclaim mid-Autumn through Luminelle Recordings. Helena just completed a run of U.S. tour dates, rounding off a stellar year for the Montréal artist, whose video for the sleek synth pop gem “Claudion” recently premiered, the clip is described as a an ode to friendship, featuring the song’s muse and Helena’s cousin, all artfully directed by Bronwyn Ford.

From Helena Deland:

There’s no discernible pattern to Helena Deland’s latest release. On the third and fourth volumes of From The Series of Songs ‘Altogether Unaccompanied’ the Montréal-based artist has amassed a collection of memories in song form, more like a box of old photos or unsent letters than a traditional EP.

“The songs are to be considered as their own little things,” she says about her unconventional release structure. “They are part of something larger, yes, but they live on their own.” As a listener, however, there is an undeniable cohesion to Vol. III and IV, and to the previous iterations of the project: each song is nostalgic, intimate, and indelible.

“I’m learning to be really patient,” she says, “I can’t really force writing. When I’m ready to write a song the words and melody are usually there.”

From The Series of Songs ‘Altogether Unaccompanied’ Vol. III

Vol III. Tracklist:
1) Two Queries
2) A Stone Is a Stone
3) Lean On You

From The Series of Songs ‘Altogether Unaccompanied’ Vol. IV

Vol. IV Tracklist:
1) Claudion
2) Rise