“Happen To Me” by Benee

Stella Rose Bennett AKA: Benee, recently shared a video for her current single “Happen To Me.” The track is off the New Zealand artist’s debut full-length Hey u x.

The vide finds Benee at the center of the table during a surreal The Last Supper-style royal feast. She sits on a throne alone as guests enjoy medieval delicacies. As she flips through tarot cards, she turns over the death card only to be greeted by a man on a pale horse before finally disappearing from the table. As the song grapples with her own fear of death, the video personifies this existential struggle. Over a soundtrack of hummable guitar and lithe synths, she confesses, “I think about these things too much. My mind likes to wind itself up. And I don’t get a lot of sleep. ‘Cause what if they happen to me?”

Of the video, BENEE says, “Stoked to be sharing this music video with everyone! I filmed it with a bunch of mates, and it was the coolest set! Hope you love it as much as I do ️”

Bennett grew up in Auckland, New Zealand on downer Soundcloud rap, James Blake breakup hymns, and artists who valued experimentation like Bjork, Groove Armada, and Radiohead, which her parents exposed her to at an early age. One day, on a whim, Bennett put Gnarls Barkley and Amy Winehouse covers she’d sung directly into GarageBand up on Soundcloud, and soon she was in the studio with producer Josh Fountain, working on original songs. Last year, Bennett released two BENEE EPs. FIRE ON MARZZ and STELLA & STEVE. Each of the songs on Hey u x deal with heartbreak, loneliness, and personal growth, shot back to the listener as quiet communiques. “I’m writing music for one human listening to the music,” Bennett says. “I want them to feel as connected as they can to my mind. Like a message that you send to a friend.” On Hey u x, musical genres are to be explored and adopted, songs are constructed from otherworldly concepts, and a sense of playfulness hangs over even the most melancholy moments. Like much of what Bennett has achieved thus far, it all seems so casual that it could be accidental, but there’s a deep purpose behind her music and her worldview.