Grave Babies stream “Something Awful”

Grave babies have shared their new single "Something Awful" off their forthcoming Hardly Art release 'Holographic Violence,'

This morning, Grave Babies shared “Something Awful,” the second track from their forthcoming album Holographic Violence. The full-length was produced by Danny Wahlfeldt and Mark Gajadhar (The Blood Brothers) and mixed by Matt Bayles (Alice in Chains, Mastodon).

Holographic Violence will see it’s release on Friday, July 24th, and the band will celebrate that day with a free, all-ages in-store at Everyday Music in their native Seattle, followed by a set at the Cha Cha Lounge as part of the 2015 Capitol Hill Block Party.

About the record:

In the five years since Grave Babies’ debut album Deathface was released, founder Danny Wahlfeldt has been handling all songwriting and recording duties for the Seattle-based band, with invaluable help from friends in performing their material live. For their newest album entitled Holographic Violence, Wahlfeldt chose a different path, causing a significant change in the band’s overall sound.

Holographic Violence is Grave Babies’ second Hardly Art full-length after Crusher (2013), and further explores the themes of nihilism, the pending doom of mankind, and shaming humanity, which the band has been building their gloomy reputation on since the beginning. This time however, instead of recording everything in his basement, Wahlfeldt enlisted the help of Bryce Brown (Crypts) on bass and Mark Gajadhar (Blood Brothers, Past Lives) on drums in the early stages of recording. The songs on Holographic Violence fell into place in Mark’s studio on Orcas Island, Washington. Mixing was handled by Matt Bayles (Alice in Chains, Mastodon), with final mastering by Chris Common (Chelsea Wolfe, Mars Volta). As a final touch, Claire Haranda was added to the lineup on keyboards and synth to round out the band’s live sets.
That is, if humanity has a future?

“I wanted it to be a last cry for sanity going into our dystopian future,” Wahlfeldt says about Holographic Violence. Grave Babies has long held a crush on morbidity, death, and corruption, building a romantic relationship around the juxtaposition of the dark contextual matter with hook-heavy songs rife with pretty melodies and harmonies. The 11 new songs on Holographic Violence present this powerful combination from a science fiction perspective, begging the question: has our imagination outpaced the confines of our reality as we keep going down the same path, believing there’s hope? Playing anthemic pop songs with a strange male choir-esque sound to the vocals adds a distinctly cultish feel to the abrasive exercise of figuring out if it is possible to circumvent destructive human predispositions.

Grave Babies
Holographic Violence
July 24, 2015
01. Eternal (On & On) [mp3]
02. Beautiful Lie
03. Try 2 Try
04. Something Awful [mp3]
05. Punishment (Only A Victim)
06. Metal Me
07. Pain Iz Pleasure
08. Positive Aggression
09. N2 Ether
10. Concrete Cell
11. War

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