“Self Reflection” By Dick Stusso

Dick Stusso releases his new album S.P. on March 24th via Hardly Art. Following the release of the triple animated video made by Grace Cooper for singles: “Garbagedump #1”, “A Fairly Normal Guy” and “Dinner for Two” comes a new lyric video for Stusso’s .new single, “Self Reflection (Deep).”

S.P. is the first Dick Stusso record in four years, following his stellar Hardly Art debut In Heaven from 2018—but this latest missive is more of an indirect sequel to the buzz-building 2015 release Nashville Dreams / Sings the Blues, diving deeper into Dick Stusso’s crumbling psyche and dystopian surroundings. If our introduction to Dick was someone trying to pursue their dreams and turning into a failure as a result, S.P. reflects the moment where, in Russo’s words, “The character is becoming unlikable. He’s succumbing to what is taking place around him.”

“If we can go out and just eat some good food, maybe we can be happy,” Russo states while talking about the thematic bent of “Dinner For Two,” landing on an unexpectedly optimistic conclusion: “After accepting certain things about the way we’re living, maybe it isn’t so bad in the end.”

Dick Stusso
Track List
Hardly Art

1. Rocking Machine
2. Part-time Apocalypse
3. The Check In
4. Convenient Life
5. Garbagedump #1
6. A Fairly Normal Guy
7. Dinner For Two
8. The Masterwork
9. Self Reflection (Deep)
10. Big Money
11. Haunted Hotel
12. Checking Back
13. How Do You Spell Success?
14. Doubt
15. Failure
16. Hell
17. Twilight At The Shareholders’ Meeting
18. Tears Of Love

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