Grand Pax “ATV”

"ATV" by Grand Pax is Northern Transmissions Song of the Day
"ATV" by Grand Pax

singer-songwriter Grand Pax has shared her new track ‘”ATV.” The track is lifted from her forthcoming EP Wavey, which is due for release on November 20th via Blue Flowers (Nilufer Yanya, Puma Blue, Westerman). “ATV came to me pretty quickly,” Pax says. “Some tracks can be really vivid, so writing them is quite quick, the ideas came to me right away. I think because at the time, with lock down we were just repeating the same rhythms, in the same place, walking the same streets, eating the same shit. I was thinking about things on repeat, and I started to feel like my head was just a receptor for the same images, and thoughts. Everything looked like dark purple static.”

Following the release of her PWR EP, Grand Pax returns with Wavey, a collection of three new tracks expanding on her dusky bedroom-pop and spoken-word-influenced stylings. “Each time I’m given the opportunity to release music, I feel stronger as an artist,” the Goldsmiths-educated musician says. “I speak through these tracks, so if you wanna get to know me that’s the best way!”

Pax paints a hazy coming-of-age picture with nostalgic lyrics improvised during studio sessions. “I like to write without thinking too much about what I want from it, but generally I take reference from my own life, and I think I’m always absorbing what’s going on around me,” she explains. “The ideas kind of carve their own valleys, and I’m not sure how much control I actually have.”

”Wavey” and “ATV,” were produced by rising production duo Exmoor Emperor (Christian Alexander, Ama Lou, Rationale), and mixed by David Wrench (the XX, Frank Ocean, Georgia). Closing track “Trip”, produced and mixed by Gotts Street Park’s Josh Crocker features shadowy soundscapes invoking nocturnal melancholy inspired by the film Drive. “I imagined moving in a kind of slow motion, sitting back in a space,” Pax says. “Feeling everything in a way that was being narrated.”

Pax AM
Wavey EP
track listing:

1. Wavey
2. ATV
3. Trip