“Gone” By Lionlimb

Northern Transmissions Song of the Day is "Gone" by Lionlimb. The track is off his forthcoming release Spiral Grove, available November 12th
Northern Transmissions Song of the Day is "Gone" by Lionlimb

Lionlimb AKA: Stewart Bronaugh, has shared his new single “Gone.” The track is off his forthcoming album, Spiral Groove, available November 12th via Bayonet. “Gone” is “about being the friend of an addict. When you are with them it’s like no one is there. I’ve been on both sides and seeing a loved one’s addiction is way way worse than having one I think,” says Bronaugh.

Spiral Groove was born out of Bronaugh’s recovery from a neck surgery. Studded with stories of mortality, the challenges of addiction and sobriety, and the romance of a lifetime, Spiral Groove encapsulates all of our existential questions into tidy love songs. The name derives from a channel in the arm your nerves run through while simultaneously painting the picture of a needle dropping onto a vinyl LP. The album is a timeless, romantic collection of songs; piano, cello, slide guitar and buzzing synth lines wind in and out. Angel Olsen describes the “joyful urgency” in these songs–they are like a hopeful spell for life after the end of the world.

Pre-order Spiral Grove by Lionlimb HERE


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