Glint release Video For “While You Sleep”

Glint release their new video for the single "While You Sleep",

After the announcement of their new full-length Inverter, Glint are sharing the video for the track “While You Sleep.” Inverter will be released Friday, March 11 via Votiv and it marks Glint’s debut LP for the label. Before heading out on tour, the band’s next New York City show is at Arlene’s Grocery on Tuesday, February 16.

To create Inverter, Glint’s epically life-size album, Jase Blankfort set up his studio in empty warehouses near his home in Nyack, NY. “All the cubicles and desks were still there, but all the life had been sucked out of the building,” he says. “I went into that weird corporate setting, set up my stuff in these different rooms, and let the environment take me away.” The end result can be heard on Inverter where the songs sound enormous both musically and emotionally. Last year’s single “While You Sleep” is the perfect example.

During the time it took to make Inverter, Glint grew from what had been essentially a solo project into a further developed “wall of sound.” Anders Fleming, drummer and multi-instrumentalist, became the new driving force to Glint’s anthemic “heartbeat.” Fleming was a teenager playing in a local band when Blankfort caught a show. Impressed by the kid’s nuanced, melodic style, he asked him to audition for Glint and “everything just clicked. He was young, but sounded so beyond his years.”

After setting down initial tracks among the corporate ghosts of Nyack, Blankfort and his collaborators road tripped out to the wilds of rural Michigan, where they completed Inverter at The Loft, just outside Ann Arbor. It’s no ordinary recording studio, but an overhauled barn in the middle of a 100 acre horse farm. “It’s not frequented by a lot of artists,” says Blankfort. “The Loft is really just producer Tim Patalan opening his world to bands he thinks are doing something interesting.”

Despite the change in scenery, Blankfort felt he was in comfortable environs. “It reminded me of the warehouses, being the middle of nowhere and giving everything to this big, open space and letting it give back to you.”

Lively and edgy, inventive and immensely accomplished, these songs reflect not only Blankfort’s vision of pop music, but also the contributions of his musical counterpart, Anders Fleming. “We have the best chemistry together,” Blankfort says. “It’s so refreshing, and it’s much more indicative of what I’ve always wanted for this project.”