FUR Announce EP With “Her”

FUR announce EP 'Oldies & Goldies' out August 26th with single "Her." The single is available now via 777 Music and DSPs.
FUR announce EP 'Oldies & Goldies' out August 26th with single "Her." The single is available now via 777 Music and DSPs.

Following the release of their debut album When You Walk Away last year, UK rockers FUR are back with a new EP. Oldies & Goldies is scheduled for release August 26, 2022 and today the band have shared the first taste of the new EP.

FUR’s frontman William Murray had this to say about “Her”: “‘Her’ is a notepad of doodles in song form, a collection of thoughts and feelings that don’t necessarily connect with each other, laid out in no order written straight off the tongue due to how the music I had written made me feel. There’s a sort of detachment that comes from songs that don’t get released despite being popular among ourselves and rerecording them is almost like a time machine. Singing the words and tapping into that place I was in 6 years ago was a really nice experience.”

Murray went on to note that Oldies & Goldies “is something we had spoken about doing for a while but never really went ahead with it until now. We had tracks that we first released as a band and although they had gained some popularity, they weren’t what we felt was a good representation of us, bedroom recording and we quite quickly found our musical feet a bit more after these songs were out so the decision was to wipe them from the catalog. Throughout the years we see countless comments of ‘add Eyes to Spotify’ or ‘when are you gonna release Creature’. Releasing the same versions that we removed for the reasons we did, seemed counterproductive, however re-recording them and seeing if they still stood up was an exciting challenge that we wanted to give a go at. It’s been a really beautiful and refreshing release to have worked on and now these songs that started us out, get to live on.”

FUR 2022 Tour Dates

10/14/22 – Los Angeles, Zebulon
10/15/22 – San Francisco, CA – Brick and Mortar
10/19/22 – Washington, DC – Songbyd
10/20/22 – Philadelphia, PA – Philamoca
10/22/22 – Brooklyn, NY – Elsewhere
10/24/22 – Toronto, ON – Drake Underground
10/25/22 – Chicago, IL – Sleeping Village

Listen to “Her” by FUR HERE


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