“Fruitless” by Bridal Party

Victoria, BC quintet Bridal Party recently released music video for “Fruitless”. The track is off their Negative Space EP. The band are currently working on their album and planning a western canadian tour for this spring.

Bridal Party’s describe their sound as “eras of pop and its offshoots. Their approach to songwriting is rooted in the belief is that that an authentic, recognizable sound comes from exploring the personal limits of what you are comfortable with as a songwriter and performer. The band strives to acknowledge their own cluelessness and fear about living, creating, and loving within their art”.

In the summer of 2015, a band called Cadboro that featured (amongst others) Suzannah Raudaschl on keys and vocals, Joseph Leroux on bass, and Adrian Heim on drums, came to its natural end. Thankfully, the small city/big town vibes of Victoria tend to press creative people near to each other, peers and past experience aside. This closeness adds to the beauty of Victoria and is one of the primary reasons why Bridal Party exists.