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Frost Children

Siblings make the music world go round. There is something so unmistakably special when siblings create music together. Perhaps the siblings’ innate ability to understand and relate to each other which makes the music seem effortless. You can hear it in everything that they do and it is truly a treat. When it comes to siblings Angel and Lulu Prost, the theory holds true. As Frost Children the New York City based via St. Louis, Missouri bred duo have become sensations in both the music and fashion worlds. Gracing magazine covers with their perfectly icy features and equally perfect fashion sense, the siblings seem to be poised to break out. With their new album SPEED RUN, out Friday, April 14th via True Panther, they may just get their wish. Influenced by everything from big room Djs, early 00s emo and their older brothers dubstep records, the music that Frost Children create might’ve turned out somewhat unhinged but it takes these disparate pieces and makes them make sense. You can hear the touchstones they bring into their songs and through their spin on it, the music becomes wonderfully fun, wholly original and wildly chaotic.

The album kicks off with “COUP” and it’s pitched up vocal flourishes. It’s a calming way to start a song that eventually turns the intensity up to 100. The vocal melody is something that stands out immediately in front of the furious beats and quick, penetrating hi hats. It all is clearly living in the realm of Panic At The Disco era romantic emo but it doesn’t at all seem dated. The intensity the Frost Children bring to the track keeps it moving and feeling fresh. The siblings have said that as well as playing live, that when they DJ they really began to understand a new level of how to produce music. Angel said that they are writing things that are more linear rather than something psychotic. Whether that would be from lowering the BPM or condensing their sprawling ideas to make the songs work. A great example of this is the single “FLATLINE”. While the song does veer into one million different directions, it never seems to lose itself or its focus. Again you can hear how some of the real strengths of the Frost Children is their ability to write lovely and catchy vocal melodies, among all the obscenities. Not that there’s anything wrong with that at all. It’s actually just really funny and very endearing.

The tightrope wire act of SPEED RUN isn’t something that many artists could pull off. It veers when you think it’s gonna twist and turns when you think it’s gonna vear and for the entire running time will keep you on your toes. Not just out of a nervous reaction to the work that is being thrust at you but because you won’t be able to stop dancing and also because you won’t want to miss an absolute second of the thrills that the Frost Children have decided to throw your way.

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