“Fraud of Finery” by Only A Visitor

Vancouver band Only A Visitor, have Released New Single Video “Fraud of Finery.” The track is off their debut for Mint Records (Kamikaze Nurse, Wares, Dumb) Decay, available February 24, 2023. Decay was recorded, engineered, and mixed by Joseph Hirabayashi (Joe Passed) and mastered by Brock McFarlane at CPS Mastering. The band includes Drummer Kevin Romain, bassist Jeff Gammon, and vocalists Emma Postl and Celina Kurz, classically trained, DIY songwriter and arranger Robyn Jacob.

From Only A Visitor’s Robyn Jacob:

“Fraud of Finery” as “a song about being close but yet so far, reaching over barriers of communication, and showing love and connection through the digital versus the tactile. The music takes a simpler turn with a meandering, stripped down chord progression that cycles through each verse. A slow, romantic waltz that reaches into the chorus with expansive harmonies on the lyrics ‘be apart, be a part.’”

Lief Hall on the video for “Fraud of Finery:”

“It was incredibly inspiring bringing together the dance improvisations of Justine Chambers and the beautiful music of Only A Visitor. It was an exciting challenge to find that perfect interplay between the movement and sound…I looked for those gestures and musical forms that had a kind of indescribable resonance together.”

Only A Visitor
Mint Records

1. What Does Waiting Mean
2. Degree by Degree
3. Fraud of Finery
4. I Am at Ease
5. All You’ve Held Since
6. Understand Nothing
7. A Whole of a Life
8. Perfect Negatives
9. It’s Like Looking Down

Pre-order Decay by Only A Visitor via Mint Records HERE


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